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F Comedy

Open mics, seminars and produced shows for rising and established comedians at the West Side Comedy Club


F Comedy Open Mics

5 Minute Mic Followed by 2 Minutes of Feedback at the West Side Comedy Club ($5 fee if you have not participated in an F Comedy show in the past year.)

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F Comedy Club

F Comedy is a talent development program that curates and cultivates new comic talent. F Comedy helps comedians develop their artistry, refine their technique, polish their work and find their voice by working with a select group of seasoned comedians and professionals at open mics, workshops, seminars and produced shows.

Funny Business Seminars and Panel Discussions


Felicia produces a few panel discussions a year to help women succeed in the industry. Felicia is broadening her discussion to help everyone in comedy.

Felicia’s moderated panels are tailored to help comedians learn more about the business side of comedy. Participants learn about topics like: ‘how to reach out to a booker’, ‘when is the right time to contact an agent or manager’ and ‘how to write and submit a packet for late night’.  Come mingle with fellow comedians and professionals in the industry!


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What comedians have to say about F Comedy:

Felicia and F Comedy have helped me progress as a comic. The mics have been a great place for me to work out new material. The shows are always awesome, they got me seen by the booker and passed at the club. I feel fortunate to have found Felicia when I did because F Comedy club is such a fun club to be a part of.
— Olga Namer
Felicia’s audiences are always white hot. Not only did I get a kickass tape, but I was seen by the booker at West Side Comedy Club and have been working there ever since!
— Gianmarco Soresi
In a world of nightmares, Felicia curates a show that is fun for both the audience and comedians. A rare treat, F Comedy is always the highlight of my week.
— Carmen Lagala
Felicia is a funny, fabulous, fashionable, flawless female. No wonder her show is called F Comedy!
— Clayton Fletcher

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